To submit a new workers' compensation (WC) claim:​​

  • Click here or click on the Member Customer Care button at the top of the page.

  • Select "Workers' Compensation Pool FROI" from the menu.  (you do not have to log in to Member Customer Care to submit a claim)

  • Complete the online "Workers' Compensation Pool FROI" form.

You will receive two emails:  the first email you will receive when when the claim has been submitted and the second is when the claim has been assigned an adjuster.

For questions regarding workers' compensation claims please contact your claims adjuster or:

Susan Lukas
Claims Assistant
E: [email protected]   
T: (952) 469-5963 x113

  Workers’ Compensation Claims Information

If you are unable to utilize the online form, complete a manual First Report of Injury (FROI) form.   First Report of Injury forms can be emailed or faxed directly to NPIA, Inc. after completion.  FROI forms can be located  here .

Fax:     952-467-8425 
Attn:    NIT Claims

E-Billing Information for Minnesota Workers' Compensation / Medical Bill Submission  
CorVel Clearinghouse Electronic Billing - Connectivity issues and questions:

Clearinghouse Name: CorVel
Contact:        Christy M.
Phone:          612-436-2520 or 1-877-703-4240
Fax:               1-866-450-9388
Email:            [email protected]

CorVel Bill Review Customer Service- Questions on actual bill review services/reductions:

Phone:     612-436-2428
E-mail:      [email protected]

Nonprofit Insurance Trust (NPIA) Clearinghouse Payer ID: I1206​​