Board of Directors

NIT is managed by a nine member volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership. 
Directors must be employed in a leadership role within the member organization to serve.
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Lynne Megan
Board Chair

Lynne Megan is the Executive Director at TSE, Inc.
Steve Ditschler
Board VIce Chair

Steve Ditschler is the President/CEO for ProAct, Inc.
Michael Nass
Board Treasurer

Michael Nass is the Executive Vice President/CFO of Fraser
Sarah Ackerman
Board Member

Sarah Ackerman is the Executive Director for Western Mental Health Center
Kristine Solz
Board Secretary

Kristine Solz is the Director of Human Resources of Living Well Disability Services
Ed Boeve
Board Member

Ed Boeve is the Executive Director of ESR, Inc.
Taggert Medgaarden
Board Member

Taggert Medgaarden is the Management Services Director for Cedar Valley Services
Robert Pickering
Board Member

Robert Pickering is the Director of Finance for Community Involvement Programs 
Laura Purfeerst
Board Member

Laura Purfeerst is the Vice President of Finance of LIfeworks